Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Feb 01, 2023

Air conditioner unitPeople often want to hold off getting a new air conditioner because, let’s face it, an AC unit isn’t the most exciting product to spend your money on. But if your home or business is in Florida, you know how essential a functioning AC is during certain times of the year. So, to help you know the signs that it’s time to replace your air conditioner, we’ve listed some things to consider below.

Your AC Is Past Its Best-By Date

If your AC is over 10 years old, keep a wary eye on it. Most air conditioning units last 10-20 years, but that can vary depending on the climate, how well it’s maintained, the quality of the unit, and other factors.

You’re Hearing Unusual Noises From the AC

The usual AC humming sounds are fine, but if you ever hear noises like squealing, grinding, scraping, loud pops, or bangs, you might need an air conditioner replacement pronto.

You See Excessive Leakage From the Unit

Condensation around an AC unit is normal. What’s not normal is lots of leakage. If the coolant is leaking, that can pose a health risk for you. If water is leaking, that can cause mold growth.

There’s a Funny Smell When the AC Runs

AC units should put out clean and neutral-smelling air. If you smell smoke, the wire insulation might have burned out or some other problematic issue has occurred. If the air is musty smelling, you might have mold and mildew buildup.

It’s Extra Dusty and Humid in Your Home or Office

Air conditioners aren’t just for cold air—they’re also for ventilation. If you notice more dust or humidity than usual, that’s a sign that your AC isn’t working as it should. This means that pollen and other pollutants can more easily enter your home or office, which can decrease the air quality. Some people could find this especially problematic if they have asthma, allergies, or other respiratory conditions.

It Takes Forever to Cool Down

When you stand by a vent, you should feel a strong rush of cool air. Weak airflow that isn’t cold is a sign of a failing air conditioning system.

Your Energy Bills Are Skyrocketing

If your energy bills are suddenly much higher than they usually are, your AC might be to blame. AC units become less efficient over time, and when they get old, they must work harder to cool your home or office. This leads to higher energy bills.

You’re Remodeling Your Home or Office

If you’re remodeling your home, especially if you’re tearing down walls and adding living spaces, you might need to update your AC. That’s because these kinds of layout changes affect the way that air circulates.

Your AC Frequently Needs Repairs

If you’re often calling in for repairs, it’s time to get a new unit. Repairs can be costly and will often only get worse.

When It’s Time for a Replacement

If it’s looking like you need an air conditioner replacement, Belle Air is here to serve you. We offer units from leading manufacturers and install them with expert care. You don’t have to worry about your old AC because we can remove and dispose of it. To learn about our AC units and get a replacement for yours, contact us today.