What Are the Best Air Conditioner Brands?

Nov 22, 2022

Two air conditioners sit outside a gray houseSelecting an air conditioner for your Orlando-area home or business can be challenging since there are so many options available. How do you know which air conditioner brands are the best? At Belle Air, we are experts in the HVAC space, so we’ve put together a list of the top three air conditioner brands worthy of consideration for your home.

Carrier Air Conditioners

Carrier offers a range of air conditioners, from base models to high-end, exceptionally efficient products. Their founder, engineer Willis Carrier, actually invented modern electric air conditioning in 1902—it’s all thanks to him that we can enjoy comfortable home temperatures even during the hottest months!

Their air conditioner product line includes units that have up to a 26 SEER rating. What does that mean? SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, ratings indicate how efficient an air conditioner is, similar to how miles-per-gallon ratings quantify the efficiency of vehicles. Starting in 2023, the state of Florida will require a SEER of at least 15. With a higher SEER, you will pay more out of pocket upfront, but you’ll enjoy greater annual savings on your energy bill. Conversely, units with lower SEER ratings will be less expensive to purchase, but your energy costs will likely be higher.

Carrier offers air conditioners that meet a variety of needs and budgets. Their units:

  • Have SEER ratings ranging from 13-26 (though again, you’ll need a minimum of 15 to comply with state guidelines)
  • Are available in a selection of sizes, including compact choices
  • Have a variety of features available, such as extremely quiet performance, two-stage operation, and more

Bryant™ Air Conditioners

Bryant also offers air conditioners with SEER ratings ranging from 13 to 26, with several highly efficient options suitable for Florida homeowners and business owners. Another giant in the heating and cooling system industry, Bryant has also been in business for over 100 years. Their premium Evolution™ System air conditioners can be controlled from anywhere in your home with the Evolution Connex® control.

Bryant also offers air conditioners in a variety of different sizes, decibel ratings, and so forth so you can choose which features are most important to you and which efficiency level best meets your budget.

Goodman® Air Conditioners

Goodman offers air conditioners with SEER ratings of 13 to 24.5. Their units are durable, efficient, and come in sleek black cases—which can be a welcome departure from the typical gray or beige. Their ComfortBridge™ system moves the communication technology from the thermostat on the wall to the air conditioning unit itself to ensure that the whole system works at peak efficiency.

Learn More About These Leading Air Conditioner Brands

For more information about the top air conditioner brands, contact us at Belle Air today. The appropriate unit size and efficiency rating will depend on your preferred indoor temperature, the size of the area you need to cool, and both your initial purchase and long-term operation budget. We’ll be happy to go over your options and help you select which brand and product is best for your Orlando home or business, and expertly install the one you choose.